Haruki Murakami (15)

Dear All, Since the big earthquakes hit Japan in the afternoon of Friday, 11th March 2011, we have received so many heartfelt messages from all over the world and truly appreciate your sympathies and encouraging words. I would like to reply to each of you separately, but please allow me to send this message to you all on my return to the office after the anxious weekend. Luckily, Haruki Murakami and his family were away from Japan when the earthquakes struck and are still in a safe place. Also, all his staff members in Japan are okay and have got no direct damages. As you should know from media reports, the earthquakes and tsunamis have caused serious damages in northeastern Japan. So far, Tokyo is safe, though we are still frightened by aftershocks and possible induced quakes. I really hope that as many lives as possible are saved and believe your prayers reach suffering people in this country. With many thanks and best wishes, Assistant to Haruki Murakami (3/14/11).