'Chances of war with Syria still high' | Jerusalem Post

According to the Times, North Korea and China believed that North Koreans were among the dead in the subsequent alleged IAF air strike. On Friday, the Washington Post reported that Israel and the United States had collaborated on intelligence ahead of the alleged IAF raid.
The Times紙によれば、イスラエル空軍の空爆の際に北朝鮮人が死者の中に含まれていると北朝鮮と中国は認めてたと報道。 金曜日にワシントンポスト紙はイスラエルアメリカは先のイスラエル空軍の急襲においてインテリジェンスを共有し協力していたと報道した。

According to the Post report, Israel informed the US over the summer that North Korean personnel were in Syria in order to assist the country's nuclear weapons program. The intelligence in question reportedly included satellite imagery .